Transient States – Ballade en Forêt

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Available as Limited edition hand numbered Marbled dark green/black and Black. Double heavyweight 180g vinyls housed in deluxe gatefold sleeve.
Includes bandcamp digital album download, email for code.
Will be shipped secure in corner protected vinyl mailer.

Going for a forest walk on the magic mushrooms teaching,
Stepping into alternate multidimensional realities perceiving,
Perched on the trunk of a fallen tree and deeply dreaming,
Sinking into the endlessly vast abyss of consciousness,
Each dream going ever deeper than the last one in focus,
Powered by the forest all around in this peculiar mystery,
The passing seconds are hours and minutes are eternities,
With mind now disconnecting & time dilating revealing soul,
Now awareness of consciousness is speeding up, this is the goal,
To feel the soul being reborn fully purified cleansed and whole.

Written and produced by Alexis Chatzithomas
Artwork by Hayley Atworks @ Chasing Fractals
Vinyl Mastering by Robert Elster
Shamanic Poetry by Mystical Voyager @ Visionary Shamanics Records
Water/Dishes by Tate McMillan
Flute by Yann Alignol
Deep Relaxation Breathing by Lucas Noordhoek