Entheogenic – A Singularity Encoded

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Available as Limited edition hand numbered marbled vinyl and Black vinyl. Double heavyweight 180g vinyls housed in deluxe gatefold sleeve.
Includes bandcamp digital album download, email for download code.
Will be shipped secure in corner protected vinyl mailer.

A Singularity Encoded -The singularity offered by the Originator is received by two Generators, the Aeon Christos and the Aeon Sophia, who balance it between them and dance it into a particular shape. By their combined intensities, they endow the singularity with a set of inherent properties. They encode its pure potential so that its unique properties can unfold in a particular way and eventually give rise to a particular life-form: the Anthropos, the template for the human species.

All music written & Produced by Piers Oak-Rhind
Mastering by Glenn Schick www.gsmastering.com